Mountain Valley Sparkling Water 25.3 oz

Since 1871. America's premium water. Natural. Pure. Fine. Est. 1871. Naturally Occurring in Parts per Million: Calcium 74.0; Magnesium 7.3; Potassium 1.0; Total Dissolved Solids 220. We gladly provide additional consumer information relating to water quality at The Mountain Valley Spring is a source of wonder, inspiration and crisp, pure American spring water. Flowing fresh from the heart of the Ouachita Mountains, this natural, untamed source inspires our devotion to America's pristine wilderness; from lush, vibrant forests to soaring mountains. The Mountain Valley Water has been recognized and rewarded across the country for its crisp, refreshing taste and exceptional quality. Bottled at the original spring since 1871, The Mountain Valley is America's source for pure and natural spring water. NSF certified. This bottle is made with recycled glass. Bottled at the original spring source Garland County, Arkansas. Bottled at the source in the Ouachita Mountains USA.