Mini Wheats Whole Grain Wheat Cereal, Strawberry

Made with Smuckers' Real Fruit. Rich in whole grain. 10 Vitamins and minerals. Low fat, very low sodium, excellent source of fiber. No other leading cereal company offers you more whole grain and fiber rich cereals than Kellogg. Generations of Americans have looked to Kellogg's cereals for a healthy start to each day. Here's more proof they've been looking in the right place. Whole grain joins fiber to help fight heart disease and cancer. U.S. Government health officials recently authorized a health claim stating that diets rich in whole grain foods, such as those found in many Kellogg's cereals, may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. In addition, these experts previously concluded that a low fat diet including foods high in fiber like many Kellogg's cereals also plays a role introducing the risk of getting some of the most serious diseases known to mankind. Kellogg's understands the importance of healthy living. So as you look for whole grain and high fiber cereals, look to Kellogg's.