St Ives Body Lotion, Intensive Healing, Cranberry Seed & Grape Seed Oil

Clinically proven to lock in moisture for 24 hours. Dermatologist tested. Fresh. Better (vs. untreated skin). Naturally. Light, hypoallergenic fragrance. 100% natural moisturizers. Dermatologist tested. Gentle for sensitive skin. Keeping you and your skin looking and feeling young and fresh. Made with natural ingredients. Hypoallergenic. Proven to help heal even the most severely dry skin. St. Ives Intensive Healing lotion is clinically proven to lock in moisture for 24 hours, helping to maintain skin's moisture. Exclusive natural moisture complex includes olive leaf extract, cranberry seed oil and grape seed oil, along with 100% natural moisturizers like vegetable glycerin and soybean oil. Our Beauty Philosophy: St. Ives is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses as they leave your skin with a soft, fresh feel. We understand that little every day choices we make help to better your life. That's why St. Ives is a formulator of quality products. St. Ives Intensive Healing: Formulated without parabens or phthalates; Does not contain animal ingredients. Contains 100% natural moisturizers (vegetable glycerin and soybean oil). Learn about our products at Made in USA.