Chinet Bakeware® 8" x 8" Square Baking Pans & Lids 2 ct. Pack

Bake It. Take It. Make it look great. The paper baking pan you can put in the oven. Recommended Use: Onetime baking use; Temperatures up to 400F (204C). Appropriate Heat Sources: Conventional and convection gas and electric ovens--on middle rack away from walls, floor, and exposed heating elements; Microwave Ovens. Not Intended For: Repeat use; High oven settings; Broiling; Temperatures above 400F (204C). Inappropriate Heat Sources: Toaster Ovens; Super-concentrated heat sources such as: stovetops, open flames, gas or charcoal barbeque grills, portable gas or electric cooking devices; Misuse may result in fire or injury. Microwavable Non-Stick Sturdy & Attractive